Do you find yourself imitating Marty McFly as he struts an awesome Chuck Berry classic “Johnny B.Goode” electric guitar riff, or singing to Fall Out Boy’s “ Uma Thurman” while in the shower? Are you a closet rock star, doing an air guitar motion while belting out to Freddie Mercury’s “Somebody to Love”? Passion. Rock Music. These our words that show our identity, what we are made up of.


We are a start up blog website dedicated for rock music fans all over the country, and the world at large. Our goal is to become the bedrock of information, and soul of the rock music industry. Rock music since time immemorial has been a voice for a variety of social issues. It all started with the Rock N’Roll age in the fifties, the era where the legends are born like Bill Haley and His Comets, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and the like.


We blog on Rock Music. Our super team of blog writers who handle the content is made up of selfless enthusiasts, giving you that awesome rock music experience, and sharing their love and passion for the medium that expresses freedom, and has made history. Countless hours of brainstorming sessions have been spent in order to come with awesome content to satisfy our followers. Your loyalty has given us the drive to come up with the a breakthrough website that will fuel the love. We are a team of rock music enthusiasts, who share varied interests from the classics like the Beatles, then Blur, Lush, Oasis, Radiohead, Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins,Simple Plan, Jumpsuit Apparatus to international favorites like One Oke Rock. In order that we can give you the best in music entertainment, our team will spend time to grow professionally through seminars,trainings, and team building events that will help with our craft and improve our trade.


What will you see in the blog? We want you to have an awesome rock music experience. First is by learning how to put your best foot forward. We will create OOTDs or outfit of the day articles to help our rockers look their best in all aspects of their lives. Image is important in embracing the rock lifestyle. There will be a separate OOTD article for men, and for women.


Second is providing knowledge. Our competent writing staff will come up with content to help you to grasp, and understand the world of rock music, its beginnings, and highlights. Simply visit our website, and feel free to browse for your favorite rock stars’ info, and photo galleries under the Biographies tab. One of the challenges of embracing the rock lifestyle is knowing the lyrics of songs by heart. Stumped about the words to your favorite songs? Simply search for the lyrics to their most popular songs in our website under the Lyrics and Words tab.


Run out of ideas of songs to include in your laptop, media player, smartphone or tablet? Scratch your head no more. No need for you to grope in the dark, for we have created a section under the Playlist tab which will provide you with a list of songs according to mood, subject, and theme to suit your rock music listening experience.


We believe in the gesture of giving back to the community. We have a program that supports our causes and charities. Feel free to check the news about our events.


Just to sweeten the honey pot, iwantedrock.com will sponsor monthly giveaways for our loyal followers to win exclusive rock music merchandise from the sponsors of our website. Simply click on the Contest tab to check our promos.


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