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The Roll of Rock Music

rock musicRock music is a very popular genre of music. It started in the 1950’s and through the years it developed into several sub-genres like Alternative Rock, Britpop Rock, Metal Rock and Punk Rock to name a few. Rock and Roll music is heavily influenced by jazz, country music and blues which is why it is a very diverse genre music.


When you say that you like rock music, you can’t just end that statement without specifying which subgenre you really like. You need to be specific because fans of different genre are pretty intense. The intensity of the passion has a positive effect on the rock genre itself.


Rock and roll also has great icons like Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Nirvana, Queen, The Eagles and Metallica. The different sounds they make just prove that Rock music is very varied. Each of these artists caters to different demographics. Some fans don’t even realize that they are Rock music fans because of how wide of a scope it has in the industry.


Although there are great things about Rock and Roll, a lot of people usually frown upon Rock music.

Non-fans who don’t fully understand the culture will often just see the negativity in it. Rock music is often connected to sex, drugs and violence by people who are against it. They see it as a threat in society and as something that can cause psychological problems to avid listeners. It got to a point so low that they even said that Rock and Roll fans are devil worshippers.


Despite those allegations, many people continue to listen and support rock music. They see the art behind every guitar solos, growls, scream and smash of the drums. For them, rock music should be enjoyed and appreciated, but they also accept that it is not everyone’s cup of tea.


musicRock music’s subgenre can actually be in a totally different spectrum when it comes to tempo and meaning. Metal Rock is usually loud and up tempo like Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” On the other hand, Soft Rock is mellow and soothing like Air Supply’s “Making Love Out of Nothing At All”. Each song has very different meaning and target audience yet they are both classified under Rock. It just proves how wide rock music’s influence is on millions of people.


Rock stars even influenced fashion in a big way. Men sporting long hairs, leather jackets, Mohawks, torn jeans and piercings became more popular. Young people even gain more interest in learning to play different musical instruments to emulate their idols. Rock music has been shaping lives since 1950 and is still going strong.


With artists getting more creative each passing day, the future of Rock and Roll is definitely bright and secure. It will only be a matter of time before another subgenre is created to categorize a new kind of rock music more accurately. The emotions you hear from the music has a very wide range. One song can sound like it is full of rage then the next moment your heart strings will be plucked by a melancholic piece. Rock and Roll has a song for every emotion, occasion, and situation you are in.


You have been a fan of rock music for a long time. You just don’t know it. Rock covers so much ground in the music world that you wouldn’t even know that the song you are listening to is under it without doing the research. It is very safe to say that each one of the 7.4 billion in the world has been and will be a fan of rock music in a phase of his life. It is not hard to fall in love with Rock and Roll. Remember, once you go rock, you can never go back.

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