Wherever we are in the world, music, and passion are the ties that bind, and weave enthusiasts together to the world of classic and modern day rock. Rock music has become a provocateur for change, a defender of the voiceless, accompanying people in a variety of activities, for instance like listening to Smashing Pumpkin’s “1979” while studying, cleaning your room while humming to the Beatles “ Yellow Submarine” or simply imagining yourself as Jimi Hendrix having tea and shortbread with Brit pop group Oasis and Blur, while an orchestra plays “All Apologies” softly in the background. It can also be an avenue to learning a new language if you’re interests include rock acts from foreign continents, like JRock music from Japan, the land of the Rising Sun. It’s a singular opportunity you’ll get when you join our nationwide, and worldwide community of rock music lovers while shouting out the mantra of unity.


We are very lucky to be born in an age where the world seems to be shrinking distances everyday. Thanks to advancements in technology, information dissemination is a breeze. You no longer limit to yourself to pasted posters on the wall, or watching TV advertisements in order to catch the latest. No need to get out of the confines of your office or room in order to catch a glimpse of the world. With just your favorite electronic device, and your pajamas, you are instantly transported to a world you’ve only seen in the realm of imagination. Visiting the website simply gives you that advantage of being able to receive the latest news firsthand. Simply drop by our website and sign to receive our newsletter.


We respect the the differences of personalities and cultures of our loyal followers. We want to receive feedback and comments from loyal followers of the blog so that we’ll know if we’re doing okay. Share with us your photos with the OOTD (Outfit of the Day), or FOTD (Face of the Day) so that other followers will get to know you as well. Send us an email for suggestions on ways to make the blog better as ever. Visit our Facebook page Iwantedrock. Follow our Instagram and Twitter accounts and search for @iwantedrock.


The annual Kickoff Party after the New Year is an avenue to bring the fans and sponsors together. The Kickoff Party serves as a celebration of good will to start the year with a bang. It will be a grand reunion for the members and will give them a chance to meet and greet one another at the event. Second, is the quarterly Eyeball or EB events that will gather all followers of the website, and all social platforms. The EB events will usually support selected causes and charities that support the rock music industry.


Then there is the awaited annual Battle of the Bands which will give new bands a chance for exposure, and share their talents to the masses. Winners of the showdown will be given a chance to showcase their talent in the Kickoff Party.


The Rock Chibi Cosplay Party that allows all members to come dressed up in the best rendition of their favorite rock artist, and will be called Rock Music Babies. Contestants will be judged for creativity, and popularity. Winners will be awarded with a multitude of prizes at the end.The event will be held in late October joining the majority in the celebration of Halloween.


We are not only bloggers who write, but we also do pay-it-forward acts. Amateur musicians are given opportunities to attend seminars. Experts are invited to give nuggets of wisdom to up and coming rock musicians. A workshop fee will be charged for the workshop to support this cause. A surprise awaits the attendees at the end of the workshop. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of a group of like minded individuals who love rock music. Join us now and rock on!