Here at IWantedRock, we provide you with the most current tunes in the market. We are always on the lookout for rockers who haven’t debuted, who hasn’t gotten a break or just simply a newbie in the industry. We support indie music just as much as famous artists because we believe that everyone started from something, and everyone deserves a chance to be known. If you love rock, we have something for you. No genre’s too soft, no music’s too loud. We have a wide array of rock sub-genres, so you can find music that is perfect for your taste. We have a punk rock section for people who are mad at the world but chooses to rock out instead. If you like some Greenday, Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, you’ve come to the right group.  A heavy metal section for the peeps who rocks their soul out. Like some Led Zeppelin, an Halen, Black Sabbath? Yeah, this is where you belong. A rock and roll section for oldies but goodies. Kicking  it, Elvis Presley style. We also have the ALT rock and the indie rock section for those who seek a great perhaps; yes, something new. Does Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco!, Black Veil Brides sound familiar to you? Well, if it does, come here, let’s build this place, brick by boring brick.


Aside from that, we also have the weekly Top 10. Let me expound on this. As I said, the search is on for talented fellows… And you get to vote. It’s going to be a mix, actually. We’ll get some tracks from the Billboard Top 100, and we’ll let you vote for the songs you want. There’s also a different Top 10 for old songs and those who make it will be available for streaming at our blog. Did I mention streaming? Yes! We will also have a streaming function, wherein the Top 10s of the week will be played over and over again, with occasional live streams from the admins… What a treat! During the Livestreams, you will be allowed to chat and jam with us, and also clear up any problems, troubles, or clarifications with us.


We’ll also have the fan favorite of the day! Yay! Just for you, readers! From 10:00 – 11:00 in the morning, you can type in the polls your choice of song. Just one! And by the end of 11:00, the song with the most votes we’ll be held fan favorite of the day! It will also get a chance to be in the weekly Top 10s!


Just because we’re a rock blog, doesn’t mean we’re always sad, every day there are games! For example, how well do you know this band? Or how Punk Rock are you? Or are you heavy enough to metal? What’s in store for you, you ask?  A lot! First, the fame, second, the friends, and third, occasional prizes! Yes, when we feel like it, we giveaway drawings, songs, gift certificates, guitars (You bet!) and lots of other things!


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