Hey there! Welcome to IWantedRock! You wanted rock; we’ll give it to you! We are a blog devoted on providing you with the hottest, freshest, and juiciest scoops about rock music; minus the prejudice and the rocky sources. We, just like Queen, will rock you with our mind-blowing reports and keep you up to date with the latest hits! Not only that, as The Beatles used to sing, ‘Yesterday’, we bring back the hits of yesterday! Yes!  Also, just like you, we are always intrigued about what’s happening with our favorite rockers; where they are, how are they now, what happened, and somewhere along those lines. We are also on the lookout for aspiring rockers and AC/DC wannabes to see if they are up to par, or better, ambitious with talent. We strive to be first to be in the know in order for you people to crave for more.  We swear on Bon Jovi that if ever we commit fraudulence, bigotry, and misinformation, we’ll lie down in a bed of thorns, alright.
Our readers have always loved the funky vibe that this blog gives off. It brings back a sense of nostalgia, of the great past that we used to live in. Where music isn’t only for entertainment, it’s a connector; a language, if you will. A language that coalesces different people; be it black, white, Asian, Hispanic, no matter the preference, no matter the age, everyone understands each other through music; indeed it is the universal language of mankind. It also emits a sort of freshness, a breath of ingenuity, something new. Every day we are on the hunt for talented youngsters who: a) wants to be known, b) wants to share their music to the world, c) wants to earn some dough or d) all of the above. Hence we assure you that we only bring the realest of real, freshest of the fresh and the ‘illest’ of the ill. Furthermore, you can expect quality content, at the ease of your home. Our readers have given us tons of positive feedback about how great our blog is, here are some of them.


From Ariana Venti:


Greetings from Romania! Let me just say, this blog is amazing! It’s jam-packed with informative reports that are filled with hilarious anecdotes and puns. It’s as if I’m killing two birds with one stone; I get good information while getting entertained, it’s a real treat! I am also a regular voter at their Top 10 which I really like. The Top 10 is filled with talented musicians that are voted by the people and also gotten from the Billboard Top 100. It’s a real treat, honestly, because I am constantly searching for up and coming artists, especially the indie rock, because they are people with great talent but did not get a proper break so by doing this, I can help them be noticed. I so love this blog, well done, Team!


From Patrick Wentz:


Hello! I am Patrick; I’m new to this blog, probably just two months. I’m an avid fan of rock music, especially the punk rock sub-genre. This blog has helped me a lot, especiallyin keeping up with my favorite bands. I love how their blog entries have added humor and not just a plain boring post. In 8 weeks, I got hooked to this blog like a leech! They have a community page where I could find other fans of the same sub-genre. There, we will talk about our favorite bands, have contests and games, it’s never a dull moment. The admins are so friendly, very accommodating. It truly is a fun loving community. Great job, IWantedRock!


From Avril Williams:


This blog saved me. I was a troubled teen, had bad influences, made wrong decisions and my only saving grace was rock music. I forgot to take care of myself to the point that I was planning to carry on my suicide but then I got a call, from my only friend saying I need to read this blog. I did it for her and a few hours of reading I wept, because I found solace in this virtual world, I felt the warmth, the support and the care. I posted my story on this blog and many readers, even the admins, aided me and helped me get through this challenge. I am now a writer on this blog and my only message to you troubled teens, music heals.