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The Roll of Rock Music

rock musicRock music is a very popular genre of music. It started in the 1950’s and through the years it developed into several sub-genres like Alternative Rock, Britpop Rock, Metal Rock and Punk Rock to name a few. Rock and Roll music is heavily influenced by jazz, country music and blues which is why it is a very diverse genre music.


When you say that you like rock music, you can’t just end that statement without specifying which subgenre you really like. You need to be specific because fans of different genre are pretty intense. The intensity of the passion has a positive effect on the rock genre itself.


Rock and roll also has great icons like Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Nirvana, Queen, The Eagles and Metallica. The different sounds they make just prove that Rock music is very varied. Each of these artists caters to different demographics. Some fans don’t even realize that they are Rock music fans because of how wide of a scope it has in the industry.


Although there are great things about Rock and Roll, a lot of people usually frown upon Rock music.

Non-fans who don’t fully understand the culture will often just see the negativity in it. Rock music is often connected to sex, drugs and violence by people who are against it. They see it as a threat in society and as something that can cause psychological problems to avid listeners. It got to a point so low that they even said that Rock and Roll fans are devil worshippers.


Despite those allegations, many people continue to listen and support rock music. They see the art behind every guitar solos, growls, scream and smash of the drums. For them, rock music should be enjoyed and appreciated, but they also accept that it is not everyone’s cup of tea.


musicRock music’s subgenre can actually be in a totally different spectrum when it comes to tempo and meaning. Metal Rock is usually loud and up tempo like Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” On the other hand, Soft Rock is mellow and soothing like Air Supply’s “Making Love Out of Nothing At All”. Each song has very different meaning and target audience yet they are both classified under Rock. It just proves how wide rock music’s influence is on millions of people.


Rock stars even influenced fashion in a big way. Men sporting long hairs, leather jackets, Mohawks, torn jeans and piercings became more popular. Young people even gain more interest in learning to play different musical instruments to emulate their idols. Rock music has been shaping lives since 1950 and is still going strong.


With artists getting more creative each passing day, the future of Rock and Roll is definitely bright and secure. It will only be a matter of time before another subgenre is created to categorize a new kind of rock music more accurately. The emotions you hear from the music has a very wide range. One song can sound like it is full of rage then the next moment your heart strings will be plucked by a melancholic piece. Rock and Roll has a song for every emotion, occasion, and situation you are in.


You have been a fan of rock music for a long time. You just don’t know it. Rock covers so much ground in the music world that you wouldn’t even know that the song you are listening to is under it without doing the research. It is very safe to say that each one of the 7.4 billion in the world has been and will be a fan of rock music in a phase of his life. It is not hard to fall in love with Rock and Roll. Remember, once you go rock, you can never go back.

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Rock music can help you escape from all the stress of the world


Have you ever heard of the saying, “Earphones in, volume up, ignore the world.” or “Music is my escape?” Well, this blog aims to justify those sayings. If you love playing an electric guitar, an electric set of drums, an electric bass, or simply wanting to escape from all the stress of the world, rock music can help you through its unique characteristics.


musicFirst things first: What is rock music? Rock music, as a genre, originated as ‘rock and roll’ in the US in the 1950’s. It developed later on, into a range of styles. The genre of music itself is influencedby rhythm and blues or R&B, country music, electric blues, folk, jazz music, classical music, and other sources. It has centered musically on the electric guitar usually with a rock group which would include an electric bass and electric drums. Also, the sound of rock is typically focused on electric guitar, with its emergence in its modern form in the 1950’s. This genre typically uses a verse-chorus with a 4/4 time signature (at least in most cases). However, the genre has become quite varied. The story of the lyrics often emphasizes romantic love — including sex and rebellion against ‘The Establishment — but also address a huge variety of other themes frequently social concerns, life style and political concerns. Rock places a higher degree of stress on live performances, musicianship, and ideology of authenticity than pop music. Furthermore, the foundations of rock music are in rock and roll which originated in the United States during the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.


Rock music has made its mark in history. The popularity and worldwide scope of rock music resulted in a powerful impact on society. Like other genres of music, rock music has influenced society in different part of the world and in various forms — clothing, television, and dance. Rock music has influenced the American society by consistently helping set the trend for pop music and other genres as well such as hip-hop music and neo-soul. Americans consider rock music as important as hotdogs and cotton candy. It is a trendsetter in the said society. Below are some of the areas in society that were greatly influenced by the emergence of rock music.


A. Race


The popularization of rock and roll involved black performers reaching a white audience and vice versa. The music genre appeared and rose at a time when tensions in racial matters in the US were entering a new phase with the start of the civil rights movement. The civil rights movement was helped by rock music by moving the movement forward. Rock and roll was seen by many as an indicator of law elimination in creating a new form of music that encouraged racial cooperation, shared experience, etc. Rock and roll was in short, a social weather-glass to the movement.


B. Charity


Social Causes. The themes of love and peace were very common themes in the music genre. Rock musicians have adopted causes ranging from the environment, the Anti-Apartheid Movement, to violence, and worldwide economic policy. Protests during the Vietnam War were also heard. In 1985, ‘Live Aid’ was put on by many rock musicians which raised over 232 million US dollars for Ethiopia’s famine relief. Rock musicians would often go beyond simple song-writing and take the form of a few spectacular concerts or televised events often raising money for charity and awareness of global issues.


C. Teenage Behavior


Mostly affected by this style and genre of music were the teenagers. They thought this music related to them about their world in a lot of ways. This is because the songs were about wild parties, fast cars, and even high school sweethearts. The songs in this genre were sometimes also sang by teenagers like them.


rock musicMoving on, despite having disadvantages, rock music carries a lot of advantages. First, rock music can be interesting to any person of any age. The lyrics of many rock songs can sometimes be very deep, often metaphorical o euphemistic. The message conveyed by each rock song can mean differently to different people. It all depends on the listener which makes it a unique experience. Second, rock music can affect people’s emotions – in a good way. It really helps relieve stress or, in some cases, release anger. Sometimes, some people tend to jump around to relieve their stress with their earphones on, playing a cool, great rock song. Third, rock songs become so relatable by the unique lyrics they contain; some of the really good songs never age — even if it was written 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years ago. Fourth, rock musicians apparently don’t always talk about themselves. They teach life realizations, lessons, and stories of other people through catchy tones and remarkably unique lyrics. Last, rock is a form of art. It promotes creativity and expression. Many rock songs as stated above have very poetic lyrics which send off great messages to people. A message sent through music in today’s world is change.


Now that you have enough knowledge of rock music, congratulations, you have become part of the rock world — a free world to explore your thoughts in and express yourself without judgment.


Welcome to iwantedrock.com! This website is dedicated to the world of rock. Here, we make sure that rock music survives, grows, and evolves as long as the world continues to turn around.

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