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How to Become One of the Motivational Speakers at Schools


A lot of motivational speakers find schools as a good place to conduct speeches. This article will provide some tips on how these speakers can have appeal to the students and the school in particular.


Speakers must embed themselves in the teenager’s world.

They must learn the lifestyle and pop culture of teenage students. Read magazines that catch their interests and go to websites that they are frequently visiting. To establish connection with teenagers, it’s essential to know the things they want, they care about and they think about.

Motivational Speakers

Draw everything from past experiences especially during teenage years. Teenage students can relate to real life experiences and speakers must capitalize on motivating these students through their own teenage experiences.


While things have changed over the years, still, there are timeless issues that cause worry to teenagers of today such as love, dating, social acceptance, embarrassment and puberty. Make an interesting presentation by incorporating these issues and share relevant experiences about them during teenage years.


Don’t let them down. Teenagers are always scolded and lectured at home and at school the entire day. Let their feelings go up by showing sympathy through talking to them with humility and vulnerability.


Always be genuine.

Avoid clichés and only share believable messages. Avoid acting or talking like them unless it’s one way of expressing what they believe in.


Keep updated with the current happenings inside the campus by communicating in advance with the school. Know if there’s an upcoming sports fest, prom night or retreat. By doing this, motivational speakers can connect more with the students by using these events as materials for the speech.


Speakers should market themselves to the activity coordinators or school directors. These people are responsible for planning assemblies and inviting guest speakers.


Lower professional fees must be paid by schools. It is because schools have lower budgets than other corporate entities. Speakers must put in much more hard work in order to make a living out of conducting speeches at schools. If a speaker is only after with the money, doing talks at schools isn’t meant for him.


Build networks with other speakers. After being invited at a particular campus, a speaker may not be able to come back few years after the stint. As an alternative, he may recommend another speaker especially if he’s already booked on the same date. Find motivational speaking opportunities for each other. That’s one of the best ways to cultivate relationships and build networks with co-speakers. By doing this, co-speakers will most likely return that favor.


Schedule two campuses in a single day if necessary.

motivational-speakingTarget separate audiences: one consists of high school students and the other consists of grade school students. Offer discounts if both schools made a booking on the same date. Give additional discounts to these schools if they manage to find other campuses that look for motivational speakers


Help the school to get sponsors. Use connections to sponsor the school’s event. Tap organizations that sponsor schools to assist in planning the event. Pitch in the idea to the school’s activity coordinator upon booking the schedule.


Offer doing programs for parents. One good way to reinforce the message of the speech is to conduct parent programs. It will also make the motivational speakers exposed to working individuals apart from students. Make sure that these events should be done in the evening right after the event for students so these kids could tell their moms and dads about it.


Ask the school to write testimonial letters and endorsements. It’s a good marketing strategy that should be maximized by motivational speakers especially if their presentations went well.



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